Hose Support

A railway car air brake hose support bracket has an upper portion with first and second attachment members, a lower portion and an air hose connector.

The first attachment member enters into and engages a portion of an accessible compartment of an uncoupling mechanism housing below the coupler head, and the second attachment member is secured to an air brake hose support lug of the railway car coupler.

The air brake hose connector engages an air brake hose assembly and suspends this hose assembly from the railway coupler at a predetermined distance above the rail bed. 

  • AAR S-4006 approved.
  • All-steel design which offers resilience and energy absorption.
  • Not subject to ultraviolet degradation.
  • Not affected by heat, cold, or sunlight.
  • The spring compresses as force is applied to the ABHS, so that the spring cannot be over-extended.
  • Easy to install and adjust, no tools are required.