Tape Roll Premium FRA 224

Fully government approved to FRA 224 regulations, orafol reflective rail car tape. 9700RR Series. For use on: box cars, box cars, tank cars, hopper cars, platform cars, articulated pit cars, locomotives.

  • 4” x 150′ rolls.
  • Typical reflective values are twice those required.
  • Provides exceptional viewing at dawn, dusk and night.
  • A single layer continues to reflect after impact, resists pressure washing, and requires no edge sealing.
  • The required “FRA-224″ markings are printed inside the tape in 18” segments.
  • Rolls are shipped “cut” into 18″ segments for easy separation into a full 150′ roll OR shipped as one continuous 150′ roll. Please specify which option you prefer when you place your order.
  • The aggressive, high-tack adhesive allows users to apply it at low temperatures.
  • Available in yellow and white.
  • 10 YEARS manufacturer’s warranty.