Improving your products and processes are always in demand, especially now

If you need greater productivity, improve the performance of your products, lower costs, increase available capacity, optimize M of O or new or improved manufacturing lines and/or cells and layouts, allow our experts to work with your team and do it reality!

Lean Manufacturing is defined as a philosophy aimed at optimizing and improving the production process.

It seeks to eliminate or reduce all those activities that do not contribute any type of value to the process.

That is, activities that do not add anything to the customer nor do they contribute in any way to speed up or improve the production process.

At CODITEC we are proud of the experience obtained in 34 years of leading various companies to success

Our Counseling and Consulting team offers more than 150 years of accumulated experience in diverse areas, such as Strategic Planning, Administration and Finance, Sales, Supply Chain, Lean Manufacturing, Product Development and its Manufacturing Cells and Equipment, Development of personnel and collaborative work between its various managements and companies.

Allow us to be your ally towards a more promising future, successfully navigating and overcoming the various challenges that arise in each company!

30 years of experience support us, to give better results