Lean Tools


Lean Manufacturing is defined as a philosophy aimed at optimizing and improving the production process.

It seeks to eliminate or reduce all those activities that do not contribute any type of value to the process.

That is, activities that do not add anything to the customer nor do they contribute in any way to speed up or improve the production process.


A WSU consists of an Industrial computer, with a touch screen for communication with the operator, industrial-grade hermetic, with digital and analog inputs and outputs, for connection to the equipment, cell or manufacturing line; also to an external screen, a keyboard and mouse, and to networks via WiFi or Ethernet cable for extended communication with the rest of the team and administrators.

CITTI is the intelligent brain of the WSU, and specializes in industrial processes, their monitoring, feedback to the human team, operation of warnings and alarms, and can also monitor the health of the equipment, among many other functions specifically developed to improve flow. of the processes.

Because with its various Modules, you can grow both your analysis capacity, your interaction and support for/with other service departments, as well as for/with the rest of the organization, at the pace of the company, and at the cost you can. absorb:

  • Tracking the completion of Production Orders and Orders
  • Giving live feedback on the process, its rhythm and its goals
  • Coordinating the flow of materials and Kanban
  • Rotating warnings of Delay and Stop situations
  • Analyzing Problems on the production floor
  • Forecasting potential problems
  • Providing instant process information
  • Monitoring Trends and warning of risks
  • Updating Key Process Indicators (KPIs)
  • Monitoring the Health of your equipment
  • Managing Solution Actions

Each WSU is autonomous for its daily operation, ensuring its operation even if there is no WiFi or Internet network, and allows continued monitoring and interaction on the screen.

Once networked, each WSU can be supported with the CITTI center, to register, consult, analyze and create external communications with its suppliers and customers, and with access to its specialized modules.

WSUs can also communicate with each other, as long as there is a WiFi or Ethernet network available, to coordinate the flow of materials and products between stations, and with the potential to analyze bottlenecks and create the tools to grow the potential of the production line. interconnected processes.

CITTI also works with the normal Manufacturing Orders in each factory, tracks them in real time, and interrelates them with customer orders, for rapid remote tracking by the Operations, Warehouse, Shipping and Service teams. to the Client, and through controlled access, to certain clients with their specific requests.