Our company

We provide the natural connection with your Clients

CODITEC we are in Monterrey, Mx, Capital of the Near-Shoring Strategy, with an idea: Provide your natural connection with your main Clients, already or in transfer to the region; an industrial and financial city, recognized for its people focused on learning, industrialization, optimal work, continuous improvement, values, leadership and creativity.

Industry Professionals

Our Team is made up of experienced Engineers and Technicians, well trained in manufacturing, Customer-Supplier Chain, Human Development & QA within ISO & M-1003.

Your project our priority

With the Customer in Mind! Immediate service, On-time deliveries, Reliable products, delivery tracking, satisfaction guaranteed!

Let us represent you

Both technically and commercially, extending your Expertise and your values to your Clients, with the correct service and competitive costs, growing your business healthy and prosperous!

30 years of experience support us, to give better results