Knuckle Thrower

F Type, Grade B Steel
Railway coupler is used to connect locomotives and vehicles or vehicles and vehicles, transfer traction and impact, and maintain a certain distance between vehicles. According to the opening ways, you can classify upper operating and lower operating. Opening the coupler by the lifting mechanism above the coupler head is called top running (general wagons adopt it).

Opening the coupler by pulling the ejector lever down the coupler head is called bottom running (adopted by passenger trains).

The coupler consists of three parts: head, stem and tail. The thick section is called the coupler head in front of the coupler. The coupler head is equipped with knuckles, knuckle pivot pins, knuckle locks, knuckle throwers and locking lift pins. The rear part of the coupler is called the coupler tail. The tail of the couplers has a keyhole to connect with the yokes.